Wellness & skin care

Ichthyopharm - natural care for your skin

Ichthyopharm skin care is the best care to pamper and relax your skin. Ichthyopharm skin care is carried out in a pleasant bath with little fish (“Ichthys” = fish in Greek).

  • Pamper your skin with the experience of pure nature
  • natural treatment for your skin
  • A natural treatment that perks you up
  • Ichthypharm care is a natural inspiration

Ichthyopharm skin care makes a healthy skin possible!

Ichthyopharm Hautpflege

Ichthyopharm skin care can do the following for your skin in a natural way:

  • Cleanse Micromassage
  • Body peeling
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Relax
  • Tone

A healthy skin is a precondition for feeling good and enjoying life!
Come and see for yourself!