Help for chronic skin diseases by proven natural method

Garra rufa

If you are suffering from Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, Eczema, etc., we can offer you a proven and traditional method to treat your ailment or medical condition.

This alternative treatment is based on a natural method and therefore does not have any side effects. Our “therapists” are the so-called Kangal – "nibble-fish", with the Latin name Garra Rufa.

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Wellness & Skin Care

Wellness mit Knabberfischen

Ichthyopharm skin care is the best care to pamper and relax your skin.

Ichthyopharm skin care is carried out in a pleasant bath with little fish (“Ichthys” = fish in Greek).

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The Dr. Fish franchise system

Dr. Fisch Franchise System

The psoriasis and neurodermatitis treatment is now used successfully for more than five years in Vienna.

During this time we obtained a lot of know- how....

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