The Dr. Fish franchise system

The psoriasis and neurodermatitis treatment is now used successfully since 2001 in Vienna.

During this time we obtained a lot of know- how in the following areas:

  • Fish farming and care
  • Water treatment
  • Development of a treatment tub
  • Development of the whole treatment system
  • Development of optimum skin care products on a natural base
  • Marketing (printed matter, website)
  • Calculation of profitability

The whole treatment-system is documented in a manual.


Contents of the manual:

1.0 “Nibble-fish” treatment

1.1 Philosophy of the “nibble-fish” treatment
1.2 Legal contractual basis
1.3 Initial consultation
1.4 Basic medical equipment
1.5 Medical examination
1.6 Information about the treatment
1.7 Treatment procedure
1.8 Care products
1.9 Completion of treatment

2.0 Treatment available

2.1 Treatment block (21 days)
2.2 Daily treatment
2.3 Hourly treatment

3.0 "Dr. Fisch" treatment tub

3.1 Technical description
3.2 Tub overview
3.3 Control box
3.4 Temperature settings
3.5 Daily operations
3.6 Technical maintenance
3.7. Maintenance after treatment ending

4.0 Fish care

4.1 The “nibble-fish” breeding tub
4.2 Feeding
4.3 Lighting
4.4 Fish transfers
4.5 Acclimatization and use

5.0 "Dr. Fisch" facility

5.1 Example of a treatment facility
5.2 Recommended additional equipment

6.0 Central water treatment

6.1 Water analysis
6.2 Facility overview
6.3 Metering unit

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