"Dr. Fisch" skin care products

The base of our skin care products, which contains no active ingredients, shows strong effects in firming and smoothing skin.

This base contains the following substances, which can also be found in human skin: phosphorus-lipids (derived from soy bean oil), ceramide (derived from yeast), triglyceride (from palm-oil), squalan oil (derived from olives) and sterols (from sheanuts).

We only use high quality skin care ingredients, and absolutely no emulsifying agents, colours, perfumes, preservatives or petroleum in our base.


Pre-treatment cream

Our high quality pre-treatment cream contains no petroleum, emulsifiers or preservatives.

The use of our base cream smoothes and moisturizes your skin and offers the best preparation for the fish treatment.


Complete "Dr. Fisch"- skin-care products in the practical donor


"Dr. Fisch"shower for sensitive skin

Cream I

Cream I is the best follow-up care after the fish treatment.

Containing anti-inflammatory, moisturizing aloe vera extracts, as well as high quality jojoba- and macadamia nut oil, the cream soothes and nourishes your skin after the treatment and clears up breakouts.


Cream II

Cream II also makes use of the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing aloe vera extract.

In addition, this cream contains moisturizers such as Vitamin A, which supports the formation of collagen, and normalizes formation and creation of new cells.

Furthermore, a Vitamin E emulsion protects your skin from antioxidants and harmful UV rays.


Cream III

The base of this cream is identical to the pre-treatment cream as well as creams I + II.

Due to the skins high demand of an exclusive deep moisturizing cream we have added highly concentrated aloe vera extract to this product.


Vitamin A-E ointment

Whilst the base of this product is different from the other creams, as a matter of course it does not contain preservatives or antioxidants.

Patients whose skin becomes extremely dry after the fish treatment and feel that creams I and II are not moisturizing enough, should use this ointment.

The vitamin A component in this ointment regulates the formation of collagen.

Vitamin E protects the skin from antioxidants and UV rays.


"Dr. Fisch" body wash

This shower gel is suitable for very sensitive skin
(e.g. Neurodermatitis patients), as it does not contain any additives like emulsifiers, colours, perfumes, preservatives or petroleum.

This body wash can be used for skin and hair.