before the psoriasis-treatment

nach neun tagen
after 9 days

after 3 weeks

We offer our treatment in an enchanting environment, under full medical supervision

If you are not interested in keeping the fish yourself, you are welcome to book a treatment at our facility.

You have a choice of the following treatment options:

  • Hourly treatment
  • Daily treatment *
  • A 3-week discount offer*

*If needed, we will help you find comfortable accommodations close to our house.

To achieve a lasting improvement of your medical condition, you should undergo the fish treatment daily for 1-2 hours on a consistent basis.

The whole process is completely painless and is, in general, quite pleasant. Once the symptoms of your Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, etc. have improved you should take preventive fish baths once a months.

Warning: You must discontinue use of cortisone creams, both during and several days before the treatment, as these can harm the fish. Also, you should not consume any alcoholic beverages during the treatment period.

Skin care:

  • Before each treatment, you should take a lukewarm shower without soap or shower gel.
  • We recommend shaving body hair in order to make it easier for the fish to do their job.
  • To support the skin regeneration after each "nibble-fish" treatment, a light therapy of 3-4 minutes in our solarium is recommended.
  • Our perfume-free and PH neutral products should be applied to the skin half an hour after the treatment.

We recommend an initial treatment period of 3 weeks as shorter periods generally do not allow the skin to recover and the desired outcome might not be fully achieved.

Over 80 % of our clients are highly pleased with the results of the "nibble-fish" treatment!

Hygiene: Throughout the duration of your treatment, you will be provided with your own treatment tub and fish!

Please bring the following with you:

  • a bathing cap
  • slippers
  • bathrobe
  • bath towel
  • a bathing suit.

Important: The fish can improve your condition, but we cannot guarantee the success of the treatment since everyone responds differently.

For further information about a therapy in our facility please contact us: Contact